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Recabling RTR
Installed new junction boxes and cabling for RTR
Installed new junction boxes on building and towers. Excavated trench to (4) towers and installed new 7/8" Heliax up the towers.
All work had to be completed while some of the tower were still in service.
Quincy, IL
November 2011

Install of Foundations for RTR
Installed (3) new foundations for the 8-' tall free standing towers.
Installed (3) new foundations 15'x15'x9'deep for the install of new 80' tall towers.
Work was completed at an existing FAA site that needed to be kept in service.
All work was completed with no interruption to the FAA equipment.
Duluth, MN
September 2011

Install of Aircraft Arresting Systems
Installing of 2 new Type H aircraft arresting systems
Install of 2 New Type H Aircraft Arresting Systems in Portland OR. Included new trough section, fairlead beam foundations and beam, and new fairlead tubes. We all add to replace the existing anchor bolts in the pits for the brakes. Reset and align all of the air national guard equipment.
Portland ANG
September 2011

Installing of Box Culvert on the Munger Trail
Installing of footing slab and cradle walls for box culvert.
Install of a new footing slab to set 90' of 8' diameter pipe on. After we set the pipe we then formed up side walls around the pipe to act as the pipe cradle. Also had to form and pour the transition from the box culvert to the round pipe. Work was completed in the winter time and in a 85' deep subcut.
Duluth MN
March 2011

Recabling of Localizer
Recabling of the Localizer Antenna and Shelter at the Minneapolis International Airport.
Install of New Power Feeds to new building on airport property. Install of new Telco lines and fiber lines between antenna and the old building and the new building.
FAA    Great Lakes Region
August 2011

Susie Island Scenic Overlook
Install of Concrete Guard Walls, Concrete Outhouse and Sidewalks.
Install of CIP outhouse building with formliner to look like wood. Install of aprox 190' of CIP concrete Guard Wall with Rock Form Liner. Install of several thousands square feet of colored and decorative sidewalks.
State of MN
Grand Portage MN
August 2011

Concrete Retaining Walls at Lester Park Elementary School
Installed of 7 CIP Concrete retaining walls with rebar.
Installed several hundred feet of Concrete Retaining Wall ranging from 8' to 18' tall at the Lester Park Elementary School
Duluth MN
August 2011

Install of 2 New 30' towers with foundations at Dupree,
SD and Sioux Falls, SD
November 2010

Installed 2 New 30' towers with foundations. Work also included new underground cabling and junction boxes mounted on existing VOR building.

Install of 4 New DME's
November 2010

Installed 4 new foundations and MG-20 (20' towers) and four different locations. Work also included mounting of new boxes on existing building and conduit work inside also include underground work to be done. We worked around several existing utilities on these sites and no outages were caused during these projects by HMI.

Install of New Weir Structure
July 2010

Installed new weir structure on retention pond for Enbridge. Work included forming, tying of rebar, pouring concrete.

Install of New Cabling and Junction Boxes on RTR Site
September 2010

Installed new 7/8" heliax cable on 4- 50' towers with new junction boxes on building and tower. Work included attaching new cable to 50' high towers and work around a lot of existing utilities that were on this site. No outages occurred during this work completed by HMI.

Installation of Type H Arrestor System Trough and Mechanical Parts.
September 2010

Installed Type H precast across 300' runway and installed mechanical components. System tested and operational by HMI. Work was done at Wright Paterson Air Force Base for the Air Force/Core of Engineers

Install of 3 additions on Lakeside Super One Store
March 2010

Install of Footings for masonry wall. Also installed concrete piers for steel frame. Poured interior slabs and freezer slabs.

Install of VOR for the FAA in Kalamazoo, MI
August 2010

Removal of VOR shelter  and Azimuth Antennas, Removal of Old Roof, Install Ice and Water Shield, Copper Counterpoise Soldered Together. Extend VOR counterpoise with steel frame work to make it 74' in diameter. Installed to Sarnafil Roof System, Installed VOR Shelter Cone and 50 Doppler Antennas.

Construction of New Railroad Bridge
March 2010

Constructed new railroad bridge with concrete piers, abutments, wing walls and slope paving. All anchor bolts for the structural steel were cast in place with no alignment problems when setting of the steel main frame on the anchor bolts. Work was completed in the winter time so that train traffic would not be impacted.
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